Boos Block Premium Board Wax w/ Square Applicator (GP 36)

Your Boos Block® butcher block can last you a life time. By following these simple care and maintenance instructions, you can prolong the life, usage, and preserve the quality of your wood cutting boards.

The Boos Block® Premium Board Wax provides long-lasting protection to preserve the quality of all types of wood surfaces. It seals the wood surface, adding a glossy wax barrier that locks in moisture and repels and reduces liquids from soaking into the wood fibers. This process prevents drying or cracking and increases the longevity of your wood surface.

Ideal For Butcher Blocks, Cutting Boards, Oil Finished Countertops & Islands, Wooden Culinary Utensils.


  • (1) Boos Block® Premium Board Wax
  • INGREDIENTS: Natural beeswax and food grade mineral oil.
  • MODEL #: BWT
  • SIZE: 3.38 oz (100 ml)
  • UPC: 662969818418
(1) Boos Block Square Applicator
• Solid hardwood handle provides a perfect grip for ease of control.
• The special silver ion treated anti-bacterial sponge prevents bacteria growth.
• Provides a fast, professional and easy way to apply oils and creams.
• Helps apply oils and creams smoothly, evenly and consistently.
• Reduces waste or mess of oils or creams.

Increase the longevity of your Boos Block Cutting Boards!

To prolong the life of your cutting board surface, we recommend using our Boos Block Mystery Oil and Boos Block Board Cream to REPLENISH, RESTORE, and PROTECT your wood surfaces!

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