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Natural Olive Wood Rustic Bread Basket


Our Bread Basket will easily become a statement piece in any home! It is the perfect size to hold a baguette of bread or whole fruit, cheese & crackers and more! Our baskets are hand carved from a narrow olive tree branch by smoothing and rounding out the bottom, then chipping away at the top center of the branch to hollow out the basket section, giving it a truly rustic look. 

Olive wood is a hardwood, making it very dense and durable for everyday use. Olive wood is nonporous. Germs and odors are not retained. All products are made from a single piece of wood. They are seamless and no two pieces are alike.

  • • Dimensions: 14" Long X 5" Wide
    • Materials: Olive Wood
    • Origin: Tunisia
    • NOTE: No two pieces are the same. The photo is just a sample not the actual board you will receive. 


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